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Half-price home insulation offer

The Parish Council have partnered with the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership (SCCP) to be able to offer half price insulation materials to residents of Debenham.

The scheme is open to households with an annual income between £31,000 and £45,000 per annum, and offers each household up to £150 of insulation materials. If you purchase £300 of insulation material, you need to pay £150, and the remainder is funded from the SCCP. Households with an income of less than £31,000 can apply for installed insulation etc from  or 03456 037 686.

If you want to spend more, you can, but the SCCP will only fund up to £150 towards the total. So, if you spend £400 in total you would need to contribute £250 and SCCP would pay £150 (max).

Materials that can be purchased are: Loft insulation (various thicknesses) ❖ draught excluder ❖ thermal window film ❖ letter box covers ❖ chimney/loft hatch pillows and radiator reflector panels. LED lightbulbs can be added to a larger (insulation) order.

To participate (it will be on a first come first served basis) please use the below contact details: (you will then be sent an official order form to complete)

Email You will be sent a disclaimer form to sign that confirms your household income is between £31k and £45k per annum. You will also be sent details of where to order and pay (your share only). The materials will be delivered to your home address, unless you opt to collect them yourself.

Debenham has been allocated £7,000 for this scheme. Once it is spent the scheme will close. Please note the Parish Council cannot arrange for the installation of the materials once purchased. This is the responsibility of the householder.

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