Energy Thermal Camera

Borrow Green Team’s new thermal camera

The Green Team’s effort to help Debenham people make their homes more energy efficient has taken a step forward with a thermal camera now available on loan. It helps householders identify where their homes are leaking energy.

The camera, a Flir One Edge is the latest model which captures images on both smart phones and tablets. It has been purchased with funding from the Adnams Charitable Foundation.

To borrow the camera householders must register as a member of the Green Team and watch and read training material on this website. While the camera is simple to use the real benefits come to those who have learned how to interpret the thermal images which are stored on your smart phone or tablet.

Loans will not start until the autumn as a temperature differential between indoor and outdoor temperatures of 14°C is required for accurate readings. But please study the training material

Before you can book the camera you must register as a Green Team member. It is free.

View our guidance on Using the Thermal Camera which will work with iOS and Android devices, both phones and tablets.

Camera loans will be from 11am on the day booked until 10am the following day. The camera should be collected from Abbotts Hardware in Debenham and returned there the following day.
Make a booking.

Make sure the camera is fully charged before returning it. A USB charging cable is included in the camera box.

Please share your experience of using the camera and support the scheme by making a donation. £10 is suggested from those who can afford it. You can do that on our feedback form (to be linked)

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