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Taylor Wimpey gets a “free go” to renew its threat to Debenham

new plan

Taylor Wimpey has resubmitted plans for 295 house north of Gracechurch Street and will not even be paying planning application fees to Mid-Suffolk District Council. Just seven days before its right to a “free go” ran out the company made its second application.

So the hard-pressed district council will be faced with all the costs of handling a major application without funding. It will also add to the costs of Debenham Parish Council which has already put a huge effort into preparing the Neighbourhood Plan, which rules out the site for future development. The neighbourhood plan was approved by a huge majority of residents in a referendum.

Under the planning rules a developer has the right to a “free go” for up to 12 moths after an application is refused. on December 19 last year. The new application is dated December 12, election day last week.

The plan has a new layout but otherwise is little changed. The covering letter from Taylor Wimpey’s agents makes it clear that the have had discussions with council planning officials before putting in the revised application.

The full letter is here.

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