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Slipshod page undermines planning application credibility

Map of listed buildings
Page from TW application. Full image here DESIGN_AND_ACCESS_STATEMENT-Listed_page15

A mistake in a document undermines the credibility of everything else in it. So you might expect Taylor Wimpey to be very careful to get its facts right. Not so, the page of their planning application on Debenham’s conservation area and buildings listed as of historic and/or historic interest is slipshod.

They catalogue and show 27 listed buildings. In fact there are 94* on Historic England’s database, more than three times as many.

I may be cynical, but cannot believe the reason could be other than carelessness. But it is significant because the numbers of valuable buildings in Debenham is an important part of its character. In some ways its historic importance is a reason why the village has inadequate parking. In other places it might have been possible to open up access to a car park. For Debenham car parking is one of the infrastructure issues which needs to be solved but it is difficult.

I will now be looking for more errors having found this one. Readers can let me know when they spot more via the Contact button above.

* Historic England record of listed building in Debenham. (list will open in a new tab/page)


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