Size of Taylor Wimpey site increased while talks with planners took place

The size of the proposed housing scheme north of Gracechurch Street was enlarged during a period when Mid Suffolk planning officers were discussing the plan with Taylor Wimpey.

The extent of the enlargement is revealed in a supplementary ecology survey carried out in November last year. The first survey, of the area outlined in blue, was done in February. The additional area is white.

Arial photo showing extent of enlargement
Aerial photograph shows area added to the application during talks with planning officials.

The first meeting between Taylor Wimpey and Mid Suffolk planning officers, recorded in the application documents, was on February 24, 2017.

Pre-application talks between planners and developers are normal. This is what Government guidance says about the service that can be offered by local planning authorities:

There is no one-size fits all approach to providing efficient and effective pre-application services. Local planning authorities are encouraged to take a flexible, tailored and timely approach to the pre-application services they offer, which are appropriate to the nature and scale of a proposed development. The National Planning Policy Framework recognises that the local planning authority has a key role to play in encouraging other parties to take maximum advantage of the pre-application stage.

The reasons for the enlargement of the plan are not explained in the application documents.

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