Paths project

See where people are walking

This map is regularly updated as more records of walks are submitted. Find out how to add your own here. Zoom in to see which paths are most used. Red tracks are walks and blue are cycle rides that go off-road.

Groaning Stone
Paths project

Mickfield Meadow circular walk

One of my favourite places to visit around Debenham is Mickfield Meadow, Suffok’s first nature reserve and one of the earliest in England. A delightful and tranquil place, now a place of special scientific interest and only a little over 3km from the centre of Debenham.

Site plan

New details of Low Road homes plan

More details of the proposed housing development in Low Road are available as the builders launch a local consultation before they ask the district council for approval. As the site is allocated for housing in the Neighbourhood Plan the key issue is access. The NP says there should be no […]

Village Life

How Debenham land helped the poor in 16th century plagues

It should be no surprised that people are twice as likely to die from corona virus in the poorest areas and those living in more affluent places. It has always been so, certainly since the plagues of the Elizabethan period. During an outbreak of plague in 1579 nearly 5,000 people […]

Paths project

Birdsong for a walk along the Deben

Listen: Mike Challis recorded these sounds on an exercise walk along the upper reaches of the Deben early in the morning during CV19. Features birdsong including the recently returned migratory Blackcap. Mike Challis ยท Derrybrook Soundwalk