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Number of public comments on Taylor Wimpey application unclear

It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell how many comments have been made to Mid Suffolk District Council about the Taylor Wimpey application to build 295 houses in Debenham.

The count shown on the web page this morning shows this:header

But the documents page includes about 34 comments of which around 14 are from official consultees and the remainder from the public.

The consultees section, which is included in the 159 comments, suggests 10 responses but  no content is shown.

If public comments posted in the “Documents” section have not been included in the “Comments” area, that suggests the comments total should be around 183. But it hard to tell.

There have clearly been problems with the website, as Philip Isbell, the council’s corporate manager for growth and sustainable planning said at the meeting in Debenham last week.

Some people trying to post comments have found it difficult because of slowness and, sometimes, lack of response. Others have found registration verification emails going into their spam boxes.

Not only is it confusing to have comments in two places, those going into the documents area are making it increasingly difficult to navigate.

I am assuming the planning department is finding itself overwhelmed by the volume of work it has to deal with, but it would be good to see more clarity.

Footnote: in the past half hour the contents total has reduced by one!


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