New details of Low Road homes plan

More details of the proposed housing development in Low Road are available as the builders launch a local consultation before they ask the district council for approval.

As the site is allocated for housing in the Neighbourhood Plan the key issue is access. The NP says there should be no vehicle access onto Low Road but it should be through the much larger site, for up to 140 homes.

Neighbourhood Plan shows access for both sites on Ipswich Road

Landex New Homes and their agents Artisan Planning and Property Services, whose scheme is for 18 homes of which six are classified as “affordable”, addresses the access issues in their explanatory notes on access:

Whilst the Debenham Neighbourhood Plan says that no access should be taken off Low Road to serve the allocated site, the developers detailed transport studies and assessment conclude that such an access will not bring about the difficulties envisaged when the site was being assessed as part of the neighbourhood plan. The amount of development proposed at 18 dwellings, is at the lowest end of the scale of dwelling numbers considered appropriate for this site in the neighbourhood Plan and this factor, together with off-site measures to improve Low Road, are such that the proposed access and route to and from the site can be successfully integrated without any highway concern.

Artisan explanatory note

 The note identifies the issue of the limited number of parking spaces at the Surgery lead to parking overspilling into the road. And says that in addition to points raised in the NP the visibility splay at the Low Road/Ipswich Road junction is substantially below standard. This they say could be improved.

They propose widening Low Road near the site and including a pedestrian crossing point. They also suggest other road widening in places, including near the surgery.

Site plan
Site plan

The plan shows clearly an area marked “open space” and the documents suggest a play area. It is opposite the entrance road and leads on to the larger Deb 3 site which could lead to further issues.

If it should become a pedestrian and cycling route to the surgery and on to the village centre it would probably be welcome. But if it could be used to provide another vehicle access to the larger site it would undermine an important element of the Neighbourhood Plan.

All the developers proposals can be seen in the consultations area of Artisan’s website which is open until May 26. There are a series of documents and drawings as well as links to a survey and an email for comments.

The plans shown could be amended after the consultation and before an application for planning consent is made to Mid Suffolk District Council. When a plan is submitted it is open for formal consultation.

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