Mid Suffolk council’s ‘colossal failings’ give developers carte blanche

Mid Suffolk District Council has been accused of “colossal failings” which have put villages “at the mercy” of housing developers. The claim comes from Debenham Parish Council in its formal objection to a plan by Taylor Wimpey to build 295 houses in the village.

“Debenham is the latest, but by no means the last, in a long line of much loved and cared for villages that find themselves at the mercy of hostile development proposals,” says the parish council.

The objection says: “Due to colossal failings by past and present administrations which have led to the five year land supply crisis, villages just like Debenham are at the mercy of the “Carte Blanche” that developers and planners alike use in order to approve such applications.”

It is because of the five year land supply rule that communities are finding themselves threatened by inappropriate developments. If the planning authority (MSDC) cannot demonstrate that it has a five year supply [which it can not] the decision-making process is tilted in favour of planning approval unless the “adverse impact of granting permission would significantly outweigh the benefits”.

The parish council sets out to demonstrate that there are material objections. It points out it want to build in Debenham to over 600 which that the same developer has another plan in the pipeline which would take the number of houses it want to build in Debenham. This would be “unthinkable and simply unmanageable”.

Mid Suffolk council is also described as being “somewhat remiss” in not consulting nearby villages which would also be affected by such a large development.

The parish council accepts there is a need for new housing in Debenham and has indicated sites it believe are suitable. The full text of Debenham Parish Council’s objection is below.


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