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How the Paths Project works

The picture of how people are using the paths around Debenham is building thanks to those who have submitted details of their walks. Most of the paths seem to be clear but there are some problem spots have been identified.

And at the moment we have no idea why some paths seem not to be used. The most likely explanation is that there is just not enough data yet. We need a lot more people to record and submit their walks.

Details of how to do this are here towards the bottom of the page.

This short slide show indicates how the tracks help produce a picture of the use of rights of way and help locate problems. At its heart is powerful Geographic Information System software which is used to analyse spacial data.

Photographs of good and poor signposting and way marking and obstructions would be very useful if they accompany submitted walks. Phones geotag pictures which can be added to maps unless the function is turned off.

No personal details are included when walks are uploaded to High Suffolk not when they are added to the Georgraph Information System which is used to analyse the data. But anyone concerned about their privacy should start recording their walk after leaving home and saving the track before returning to the house.

I did this with the circular walk to Mickfield meadow largely because it made the route more useful to others but also to avoid having too many walks leading to my own doorstep.

I am collecting more evidence before approaching Debenham Parish Council but I hear there were supportive words for the footpaths project at their meeting on Monday.

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