Half of houses with planning permission are not built

A Government investigation into why so many housing developments which have planning permission are not built had been launched by Sajid Javid, the secretary of state for communities and local government.

The Local Government Chronicle (requires registration) reports that the review, “will seek to identify the main causes of the gap and will make recommendations on practical steps to increase the speed of build out. “

Something like half the houses with planning permission in England had not been built in 2016 within the three years that planning permission normally lasts. This month Mr Javid’s department announced:

The review is intended to explain the significant gap between housing completions and the amount of land allocated or permissioned, and make recommendations for closing it. It was announced in Budget 2017.

The review will provide an interim report in time for Spring Statement 2018 and a full report at Budget 2018.

If readers have an idea about what the situation  is  in Suffolk please let us know in the comment section below.

In London the situation is getting worse, according to a report commissioned by London First from Grant Thornton. It found that In 2017, 46% of new homes given planning permission fell by the wayside.

This report also finds that most housing in London is being built in the inner zones, not in the suburbs. It does not offer an explanation but the figures suggests that stories of house buyers becoming increasingly resistent to commuting may be right.

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