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228 comments on TW plan so far but more needed to match objections last time

Parish Council adding its objection.

The Taylor Wimpey plan for 295 houses north of Gracechurch Street can be stopped again. As many objections as possible are needed to convince the council. More than the 360 last time around. Click on the panel to the right to add your objection. The deadline is January 31.

Unfortunately the objections made when TW put in its first application which was refused by councillors in December 2018, despite the recommendation for approval from planning officers, don’t count now. Planning officers have given TW pre-submission  advice before this second application which is exempt from normal planning application fees because it is deemed to be a resubmission.

Last night the Parish Council meeting was held at the Leisure Centre to accommodate around 50 parishioners who attended to make their views clear. The council decided to oppose the application and the Neighbourhood Plan group will also be making its objections clear.

The Neighbourhood Plan which was overwhelmingly supported in a referendum allocates areas for new housing but does not include land off Gracechurch Street. It is now fully approved and should prevent such speculative proposals as Taylor Wimpey’s.

If this renewed proposal gets planning permission it will trash not only Debenham’s Neighbourhood Plan but destroy the policy of involving communities in the planning process. No other village or town will be prepared to put in the huge amount of work involved if it can be ridden roughshod over by developers.

So please make your objections clear to the council. Some people are understandably cynical and suggesting its all a stitch-up and can’t be stopped. It can be stopped and looking at the comments of official consultees as well as public objects I believe it will be stopped.


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